Before selecting a transmission cooler, you need to know the GVWR for your particular car. First of all it doesn’t have an engine oil cooler!,– It is a transmission oil cooler (they call it a transaxle)! I want to get a really good one. The smell of burning transmission fluid is extremely unpleasant, and should send you directly to your mechanic for whatever repairs are needed. How do you install a transmission cooler? If your vehicle is designed to be able to tow, odds are there already is an external transmission cooler in conjunction to the stock unit. If the vehicle in question has a thermostat that opens at 195 degrees F, once warmed to operating temperature, the transmission cooler will have a tough time reducing the heat of the ATF below 195 degrees F. At the same time, if the transmission is overworked, it might raise the operating temperature of the ATF to 250 degrees F or more. Hot transmission fluid is pumped from the transmission through a metal line to the cooler, which cools the fluid before returning it to the transmission through another metal line. By using this site, you agree to these terms. A/C stuff is closer to the back of the engine on the passenger side.. hey guys, as i was fixxing something with my hids yesterday, i've noticed a small rad under my hood clip i was wondering if it's a transmission rad or a ... - Chevy Truck Forum | Silverado Sierra GMC Truck Forums The only site focused on Silverado/Sierra trucks exclusively. Performance gains: a cooler, more efficient transmission capable of handling increased loads and horsepower. I have a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 5.9 v8 engine, i just bought it. But do be on the lookout for any of the aforementioned abnormalities. Does my 92 Silverado have a transmission cooler? Most transmission oil coolers come complete with the proper mounting hardware and instructions. I'm pretty sure my tranny cooler is built into the radiator. Most vehicles with automatic transmissions have some type of transmission cooler built in. You smell something burning: A bad transmission cooler can cause low transmission fluid levels, which may result in excess friction. when you tow your travel camper uphill and your transmission hunts a bit - that when ATF cooler is important. Other signs that the oil cooler isn’t working properly include a loss in engine power, a misfiring engine, a rise in engine temperature and an increase in dark exhaust emissions. The transmission oil cooler hose on a car helps to carry the transmission fluid from the transmission to the transmission cooler. In fact, if you have started the car's engine since the water got in the transmission fluid, the water will have been pulled into your transmission. In most cases normal driving will cause transmission fluid temperature to come up to 175 degrees or so and putting increased demands on the transmission can cause fluid temperatures to go higher … Installing a transmission cooler is an extra precaution against overheating your transmission, and many people decide to use them in tow vehicles. Your engine is running hot or overheats: If you are have a bad transmission cooler, the symptoms may spread to your engine, as well. then i flared the end. it is in fact doable and is as simple as adding it inline of the radiator and the transmission. Does my truck have transmission cooler? This transmission is known for being put in performance vehicles such as the Chevrolet Corvettes and Pontiac Trans Ams. Let’s go through the list: Your transmission fluid level is dropping: If you periodically check your car’s fluids (you should), and you notice that your transmission fluid level constantly needs topping up, this could point to a leak in either the transmission cooler or the lines that go in and out of it. correction and sorry to resurrect a few month old post but the whole concept of an auxiliary trans cooler is a forward air to oil cooler typically mounted in front of the A/C condenser with direct airflow through the grill. The fan is needed because the tranny cooler is positioned on … If you have an AUX transmission cooler, this will be on the passenger side in front of everything, the size is probably about a foot in both directions....I don't know the actual dimensions. This can indicate transmission fluid loss, high internal transmission temperatures, or both, which can be caused by a bad transmission cooler. Get to a mechanic right away, and have these issues dealt with. Position 2, between the air conditioning condenser and radiator, is 75% efficient while Position 3, between the radiator and fan, is only 60% efficient. Some trucks that didn't come with the towing package may already have the plumbing to install one, and just need the addition of … The GVWR number can range from 10,000 to more than … Behind that is the Radiator. Building the '27 T we have a smaller radiator (height & thickness space restrictions) and to keep the motor & transmission cool we decided to run an auxillary tranny cooler with an electric fan. It can be a separate unit, or … how many lines going into the radiator?or you can look under it,where the oil filter is.if you see to metal lines on the oil filter housing going to the radiator,then you do have the EOC.if you have an engine oil cooler,there will be 4 lines going into the radiator.2 on each side.if no engine oil cooler,then only 2 lines are going to the radiator.that is the difference,between the 2 radiators! To check whether your car has a transmission cooler, contact the service department at the local new car dealer for your vehicle’s brand. The exact answer to this depends on whether your bad transmission cooler is repairable or not: If your bad transmission cooler can be repaired, your mechanic can fix the damage and stop the leaks, then reassemble and test the transmission cooler system for proper operation. Now that I know that there could be an issue with my transmission, it may be best for me to call a professional for help. I have a 2006, one year after your 2005. The first thing you will see is the Power steering cooler on the driver side. It does so by cooling heated fluid that is sent through it by using the air flowing over the fins of the cooler. If you have an AUX transmission cooler, this will be on the passenger side in front of everything, the size is probably about a foot in both directions....I don't know the actual dimensions. It can then cause rust, buildup, adhesive loss on the clutch, expanding, dangerous vapor and the need for the transmission to be rebuilt. The most common transmission cooler failures are due to either a leak in the body of the cooler itself, or a clogged line caused by something flowing through the system. It has the factory trailer hitch on it which came standard for this type of Jeep i belive. Most trucks these days come with optional towing packages that almost always include a transmission cooler. the up front one is the air conditioning condenser, the other is the radiator back closer to the engine. Rest easy knowing you're covered by a local warranty. Our free estimator calculates a custom price for your vehicle repair. The oil cooler is designed to lower the temperature of the transmission fluid to make it easier for the internal parts of the transmission to use. This is hard to narrow down as it could be a space in a pan gasket, torque converter, fluid lines, the transmission … Most vehicles utilize a transmission cooler inside the radiator, and more heavy duty vehicles will supplement with an external cooler in … About the size of a carton of smokes and in front of the radiator? If you drive your car with insufficient transmission fluid, the risk of serious (and expensive) transmission damage is a real possibility. 2010 silverado. Does Default Radiator Tranny Cooler Have Bypass. Power steering fluid cooler. I called a transmission place and they were saying like 400 bucks for a trucool installed and everything. The rods, usually plastic, go through the transmission cooler and the radiator and secured with the fasteners. This is the first 2013 model that I've heard of having the radiator's trans cooler issue fail. the cooler itself just gets plastic tied onto the front of the radiator. The transmission cooler allows your transmission to work more efficiently, and the cooling process continues as long as the engine is running. The oil cooler is designed to lower the temperature of the transmission fluid to make it easier for the internal parts of the transmission to use. If the transmission cooler is a custom fit why do I need to measure? The standard package, which is on all trucks, will have the standard radiator with built in transmission cooling, there will also be a power steering cooler in front of the rad. Transmission coolers come in many different shapes and sizes, and there are a few things to consider when choosing one. I was wondering tho how do you tell if you have a transmission cooler ? The radiator is plastic and there is a small crack in the vertical tank on the drivers side that runs just … it should have … On a 2000 Dodge Durango 5.9 with 116k,miles 4 WD , How would I know if my transmission cooler is bad, because the one I have now is a little bent? You can tell by looking on drivers side on end of radiator (Inside under hood), — there are two fittings with metal tubes (about 1/4 – 3/8 inch in diameter) connected there , — they go back to transmission! If your bad transmission cooler can't be repaired, your mechanic will replace the cooler with a new one, then test the entire system for proper operation. Learn how to grow your business with RepairPal. Nissan CVT transmission problems have become pretty much synonymous with the Nissan Altima at this point, which is why we decided to discuss the Altima first. How do you tell which one you need. Once you have determined whether your car has a transmission cooler, there are several ways to tell if it's going bad. At Position 1, the transmission cooler is 100% efficient. Stephen has been an automotive enthusiast since childhood, owning some of his vehicles for as long as 40 years, and has raced open-wheel formula cars. then i got hose to fit it and ran that to the tranny cooler. Unless you have a high level of knowledge of and experience in working on automatic transmissions and their related systems, you should not attempt to repair a bad transmission cooler. Eric Thank you for your excellent answer. Your check engine light comes on: The high internal transmission temperatures from a bad transmission cooler can cause your engine computer to trigger the check engine light on your dashboard. You are dealing with a complex system that uses hydraulic-type fluid that is under pressure, as well as major components that you need to access from underneath the car. You hear odd noises coming from the transmission: Your transmission may have difficulty shifting between gears, or there may be clunking or grinding noises during shifts. Call your mechanic and have repairs done promptly if you spot a leak. RE: Transmission Cooler Help IP: Logged Message: i put a cooler on mine. I looked at the radiator and there is a 2nd smaller radiator thats in front of the main radiator of the Jeep.. If you have a manual transmission in a normal passenger vehicle that is not exposed to extreme or heavy-duty service, a transmission cooler is not necessary. When considering the safety of driving with a transmission fluid leak, here are some things to know: One of the main causes of a transmission fluid leak is a gap in your transmission. Jennifer on December 21, 2019 at 12:32 am I have a 2015 Nissan Altima that started slipping gears and struggling to move from a stop. The transmission cooler is a small radiator that cools the automatic transmission fluid that circulates through the transmission. Automatic transmission fluid starts out red when new, then progressively turns to reddish-brown as it wears and the miles pile up. The fluid will flow from the transmission to the OEM cooler and then to the aftermarket cooler; and finally, the cooled fluid flows back to the transmission in a continuous loop. Driving your car with a bad transmission cooler is definitely not recommended. If positions 2 or 3 are used, a larger transmission cooler will be needed to compensate for the loss of cooling power. YeAH i see they are a decent price. Because you will lose most of your transmission fluid while the car’s transmission is in operation and you are in motion, it is very difficult to know how much fluid you are losing, and at what rate. Running out of fluid will quickly destroy your transmission. This is small as detailed above, only a few inches wide, but the same height as the radiator. Well worth not worrying about transmission getting baked. This would likely be 90% of your customers, just as the above statistic would indicate. Now, the large heat exchanger you see first is the AC condensor, this is the same size (roughly) as the radiator, only it should be skinner. I wont mind spending a 150 if i can put it on myself. . same goes for often towing in stop and go traffic. All of that transmission-related heat and drag can make it more difficult for your engine to run properly, and its temperature can also rise as a result. A transmission cooler is a component that you can add on to your transmission that, big shock here, cools your transmission. There have been a very limited few 2011 models, but that's been it up until now as far as what's been reported on most of the major Nissan forums. The most common way is to have the cooler attached with rods and fasteners. If you plan to tow in hills/mountains i would 100% get it. Now, the large heat exchanger you see first is the AC condensor, this is the same size (roughly) as the radiator, only it should be skinner.