The term cabrón also means a handler of prostitutes, comparable to "pimp" in English. In Mexico City it may be used ironically to refer to a fortunate outcome: Te cagaste ("You really shat on yourself") or an unfortunate outcome such as Estás cagado meaning "you're fucked". Origin and Meaning of Pato User Submitted Origins. It is also frequent to derive other words, such as adjectival form cojonudo (lit. In Chile it is criminal slang for paddy wagon. Playing the jingle on a car horn can result in a hefty fine for traffic violation if done in the presence of police or road rage if aimed at another driver or a pedestrian. "Inventario fraseológico de las groserías en estudiantes de San Luis Potosí". For instance, after hearing a joke or funny comment from your friend, you laugh and say "haha sí eres marico haha" which would be equivalent to "haha you crack me up man. – Hey! Joto (lit. In general, it is used to refer to something considered scary. -"¡Acá tengo un encendedor para vos!" Hablar hasta por el culo (To talk out of the ass)—a local, impolite variant of the well-known frase Hablar hasta por los codos (to talk through the elbows)—refers to someone who talks a lot; this variant is used to refer to a person in a negative way (as in "He/she won't shut up") while Hablar hasta por los codos does not necessarily imply annoyance. So, here are some words and phrases that distinguish Puerto Rico from the rest of Latin America. The algae is preserved by sun-drying. being equivalent to "Aw, man!" a person displaying any combination of the two above qualities. In Ecuador and Chile it means stingy, tight-fisted, although in the latter country the variation coñete is becoming more common. Cojones also denotes courageous behavior or character. Sometimes, to denote obnoxious or overbearing behavior from someone else, idiom tocar los cojones/huevos/pelotas/ ... ("to touch someone else's balls") comes to play. Some examples of the uses of this word are: One important exception is Colombia,[citation needed] where marica is used as a slang term of affection among male friends or as a general exclamation ("¡Ay, marica!" [8] A particularly forceful Spanish insult is any mention of someone else's mother, including also in its strongest form (e.g. In Honduras, the expression no vale ni verga is used as a vulgar form of no vale la pena, meaning "it's not worth it". In Mexico this can be used to mean difficult or impossible: ¡Está de la verga!, "This is very difficult! Caca is a mild word used mostly by children, loosely comparable to the English "poop" or "doo-doo." Well, the meaning is very similar as it means to fool around or joke around. In the post, we will list the 30 most common Puerto Rican slang terms, so that if whether you are listening to your favorite reggaeton track (no, we don’t count “despacito”) or wandering around the capital San Juan, you will be well equipped to understand the local lingo. For example: … está agilipollado/a would mean "… is behaving like a gilipollas." For example, ¡Métetelo en fundío! This is not true for a capullo: if someone thinks about someone else that he is a capullo, he thinks so permanently, because the degree of evil he sees in the capullo's actions tends to be thought of as a permanent characteristic, inherent to the capullo's personality. In Cuba, it is also used as a term for a charley horse. It can be used as an ironic term of endearment between friends, especially within the gay and lesbian communities.[a]. Perreo is actually dancing like a madman, without stopping. Mateo, J., & Yus, F. (2013). Vete a tomar por el culo ("Go and take it in the ass") is an expression used in Spain, it is like Vete a la mierda but more offensive.[a]. Ay caray could be translated "Dang it" or "Darn it!" Arguably more offensive than maricón, joto usually refers to a man who is indifferent to pertinent matters, or who is a "loser", with perhaps a hinted accusation of closeted homosexuality. would mean "what's up dude?" The term, however, has very highly offensive connotations in Puerto Rico. This dishonors her, and the reputation of the family. The contracted term conchatumadre/conchetumadre is common and extremely offensive in Chile, Bolivia and Peru as well. There the word pendejada and a whole family of related words have meanings that stem from these. It can sometimes be an understatement: A principios de los treinta, los nazis ya empezaban a tocar los cojones (meaning, roughly, "At the beginning of the 1930s, the Nazis were already being an annoyance."). ", and ¡Soy la verga andando! (Chile, informal) A diminutive of the male given name Patricio Culillo means fear while culilloso/a refers to someone who gets scared easily. In Puerto Rico, bicha is an unfriendly and arrogant person, “a bitch.” For example: No soporto a María, es una bicha or “I can’t stand María, she’s a bitch.” The masculine for the same meaning will be bicho also, the context of the sentence will help you to distinguish between dick or a male bitch. Ojete (lit. "ass face", used to describe an unpleasant face expression) are regularly used. "que comemierderia" (how stupid), "comerán mierda?" (In Eastern Guatemala, the variation mamplor is used.) Esto es la polla. – Your birthday party was crazy! “Pato,” besides being the Spanish word for “duck,” is an offensive term to describe gays. may translate to "What an annoyance!"). Also in Puerto Rico there is a popular hotel called La Concha Resort (The Seashell). The expression ¡Ah cabrón! [a], Burciaga said that pendejo "is probably the least offensive" of the various Spanish profanity words beginning with "p" but that calling someone a pendejo is "stronger" than calling someone estúpido. Madrazo, in Colombia, refers to insults in general, and "echar madrazos" means "to insult/curse somebody out.". "fuck! In Spain, where Spanish originated, the word is not offensive and it mostly refers to a scullion, [2] which is a restaurant chef assistant who is assigned to menial kitchen tasks like preparing ingredients and utensils as well as cleaning them after the cooking. It is frequently translated as "cunt" but is considered much less offensive (it is much more common to hear the word coño on Spanish television than the word cunt on British television, for example). [citation needed].[2]. See other portfolios and book models on In Cuba, to soften the word in social gatherings, the "g" is substituted by the "s". [citation needed] It also refers to a mean-spirited person or someone who is stingy: "Él es muy pinche." : "big goat" or "stubborn goat"), in the primitive sense of the word, is an adult male goat (cabra for an adult female goat) and is not offensive in Spain. This may be because someone who does not have an intention to offend will resort to a lower amount of syllables, hence rendering the expression less coarse and ill-sounding. In Mexico and the Philippines, panocha (or panoche) refers generally to sweet breads or cakes, or, more specifically, to a raw, coarse form of sugar produced there. The variant fondillo is also found in Puerto Rico and Cuba. In El Salvador it can also be used with an ironically positive connotation as in ¡Se ve bien vergón! "Have you taken a look at my testicles?") The word mamañema is functionally similar to mamagüevo. The Boricuas are mostly proud of this word, and you’ve probably heard it in some current reggaeton songs. Razón y palabra. Paragons of this taxon include stupid people unaware of their own stupidity or unwilling to accept the consequences thereof, people with an ostensible lack of self-criticism, people unable to realize their own limitations, people who engage in repeated self-defeating behavior, and even a category which is seldom captured in languages other than European Spanish—to wit, people characterized by self-aware idiocy or incompetence, with this self-awareness occasionally stressed to the point of (presumably futile) complacency.[a]. Well, yes, it is another word for beer. Such expressions would be said as ¡Estás cabrón! [citation needed], The connotation of "far away place" is supposedly based on the name of the Cargados Carajos, which belong to Mauritius. For example, "¿qué pasó marico?" News How to help Puerto Rico: A resource page Sep 28, 2017 Matt Hershberger. To be used for cooking, it then needs to be softened by soaking in water. [16] When used to describe a person, it describes someone who likes to fight, or a troublemaker (i.e. When applied to children, it can mean one who is misbehaving. Huele muy mal aquí – It smells really bad here, ¡Oye! It also has a slightly archaic use in Spain. chotera, chotaco) in the same sense. In Mexico, the word is not used in a potentially ambiguous situation; instead, one may use the inoffensive blanquillos (literally: "little white ones").[a]. This phrase literally means “eat poop”. However, it appears that the silence about La Comay has started to end. Aquatic bird of the family Anatidae, better known as duck. to mean "What the fuck?". ¡Te cagaste los pantalones! Best friends call each other "cabrón" in a friendly manner, while it may also be used in an offensive manner. At the (2014). "¿Puras Groserías? All rights reserved. In the rest of Latin America and Spain however, the word is only used with its literal meaning. Bembé is actually a religious party, but in Puerto Rican slang, there’s nothing religious about a Bembé, as it’s a big party. (lit. [14] In the work La Chingada, it was famously applied to La Malinche, the mistress of Hernán Cortés. From English congressman. [citation needed], Fundillo/Fundío—heard in Mexico and the southwestern United States as an obscene term specifically for the human anus. After that, it’s just $149/mo for unlimited one-on-one tutoring. Therefore, expressions such as venga ya, no seas ___ ("come on, don't be silly") would use capullo more frequently than gilipollas. ("You were swindled!") (1979). in English). something akin to English cunt) in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Mexico. Voy a parquear el auto – I’m going to park the car, Te invito una birra esta noche – I’ll invite you some beers tonight, Mira ese gato que viene ahí. Huevos (literally: "eggs"), pelotas (literally: "balls"), bolas (literally: "balls"), peras (literally: "pears"), and albóndigas (literally: meatballs) all refer to testicles in a profane manner. no me jodas (don't annoy/bother me), or lo has jodido (you've fucked it up). (Go fuck your mother, asshole!). or "vamos a prestar atención y dejar de comer mierda" (Let's pay attention and stop goofing off). See more. Shut up, that’s a lie, Vamos a la disco que quiero perrear – Let´s go to the disco, ´cause I wanna dance, Fó! Its usage was so common among Spaniards and Spanish-Filipino mestizos living in the Philippines that konyo became a Tagalog word for upper-class people. It can be used as an adjective, like the English "fucking" (jodido) and is often used as a light interjection: ¡Joder! In Panama, it is used as an adjective to mean something/someone very annoying (who pisses you off). “Eat poop”, but in Puerto Rico, this expression is used to talk about someone very arrogant with an unfriendly character. Whenever used as an affectionate or heavily informal form of teasing rather than as an insult, though, capullo is used a bit more often. Cállate, eso es embuste – Yesterday I met Luis Fonsi at the Disco. Puerto Rico has its own words and phrases that make its way of speaking unique. [20][21] In Chile, this term is unused; the preferred expression is rascarse las huevas (lit. [a], Maricón (lit. (He won just because he was so terribly lucky). The verb cabrear can mean "to piss off (someone)". [citation needed] It is a derogatory way to refer to a prostitute, while the formal Spanish word for a prostitute is prostituta.[2]. [a], Remojar el cochayuyo (lit. It is said that the term carajo originated during the Moorish invasion in Spain. When you party hard, and drink too much, it’s likely that you’ll end up Jumeta, which is another word for drunk. Que guapo que está – Look at that handsome man that comes there. Download the exact curriculum that thousands of BaseLang students have used to become fluent in Spanish, We sent you an email with a link to download the guide. ", ¡coño! as when a strange woman behaves offensively and then suddenly leaves). The Moors were described as Spanish: cara de ajo—or "garlic-face"/"garlic-shaped face"—which was later contracted to carajo. It also have another meanings and derivative terms, for example: "Soy la verga" ("I am the best one"); "Me fué de la verga" (roughly "something bad happened to me"); "Me vale verga" ("I dont care"); "Vergueé" ("I ruined it", "I failed"); "Me verguearon" ("They defeated me"); "Me pusieron una verguiza" ("They scolded me", "They beat me"); "Vergón" ("cocky", "cool", "sexy"); "Está de la verga" ("That's ugly/bad" but also "That's very cool", "That's awesome") etc. This verb form is also used in Chile. [a], The canonical definition of a gilipollas is a person whose behavior, speech, outlook or general demeanor is inconsistent with the actual or potential consequences of their own intellectual inadequacy. © 2015-2021 BaseLang®, LLC. Guaranteed. These words are often used in the following contexts: Like chingado, the word comes from chingar. "pussy!"). cabrón "male goat", gallo "rooster", cerdo "pig").[8]. In Nicaragua, the expression "¡A la verga!" (person) who rends quilts, "awkward", "untrustworthy"), pisacristos (lit. or No seas pendejo! In Peru, irse a la mierda means "to be drunk as Hell." Often use with the word "ese" as shown in the example. "leathery bombilla". Me cago en Dios ("I shit on God"), Me cago en la Virgen ("I shit on the Virgin"), Me cago en la hostia ("I shit on the communion host"), "Me cago en el coño de tu madre" (Lit: I shit in your mother's cunt) is the strongest offense among Cubans. It is used to explain that something, almost always referring to food, is rotten or damaged. In Cuba, comemierda (shit-eater) refers to a clueless idiot, someone absurdly pretentious, or someone out of touch with his or her surroundings. In Chile and Peru, culo is considered offensive (as it sounds very much like culear); poto is used instead. Among them, some noteworthy are peras (i.e. An influential person. "to touch one's own balls") stands for idleness or laziness. More spanglish here. Please go to to log back in and re-subscribe. The Spanish language employs a wide range of swear words that vary between Spanish speaking nations and in regions and subcultures of each nation. means "Screw it!" : the use of wings to fly. Culo del mundo (asshole of the world) and casa del culo (ass house) mean far away e.g. Puerto Rican slang or spanglish for “hang out”. (-"Can you give me the lighter?" In Panama "la cagada" ("the shit") refers to something or someone that makes everything else go wrong or the one detail that is wrong about something (and is thus the complete opposite of the American slang the shit); e.g., Ese man es la cagada ("That dude is the shit" i.e. : "bug", "baitworm") is one of the most commonly used references to the penis in Puerto Rico. Dictionary: pato - meaning, definition, synonyms, origin, hyphenation, anagrams. [citation needed] Pinchar also means "to ping" (the act of calling someone and then hanging up with the intent of having them call back). Bicho (lit. puta, "whore", perra "bitch") or implying a lack of masculinity if the insulted person is male (e.g. Ahorita or orita can mean llater, but not right now,  maybe later is a day, or a week, or 6 hours. [35], Pendejo (according to the Diccionario de la lengua española de la Real Academia Española, lit. An older usage was in reference to a man who is in denial about being cheated (for example, by his wife). : a "yardarm"—a part of a ship's mast that holds the sails) occurs in a number of Romance languages, including Portuguese and Italian. In the Dominican Republic and Venezuela, güevón/güebón is the preferred form. In El Salvador and Honduras, culero ("one who uses the culo") refers to a male homosexual, while in Mexico it refers to an unjust, unkind, aggressive or insensitive person likened to the connotation provided by the word asshole but usually more offensive. This word is very popular, and you’re likely to hear it in a lot of songs. [a], The verb joder/joderse is a harsh way of saying "to bother" and its English equivalent is "fuck". Cara de culo (ass face) refers to an unattractive person especially when the person in question has a round face with protruding cheeks. Patos definition, a lagoon on the Atlantic Coast in SE Brazil: Pôrto Alegre is on the lagoon. translates as "He's depressed because his girlfriend dumped him."). Join Facebook to connect with Pato Rico and others you may know. Please contact support. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Diccionario de la lengua española de la Real Academia Española, List of Puerto Rican slang words and phrases, "follar1, Der. Pinche has different meanings, depending on geographic location. In the Philippines, it is usually used to refer to a man whose wife or partner is cheating on him. Not a day goes by that the people of Puerto Rico don’t talk about a puppet. pearls),[27] mingas, tatas, tetas,[28] tetamen, pechamen, melones or chichis. de Marlangeon, Silvia Beatriz Kaul, and Laura Alba Juez. : the "jack" or a "knave" in a Western deck of cards) is used in Mexico and the southwestern United States, usually pejoratively, in reference to an over-sexed male. : "cockroach") is used in Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, southeastern México and Colombia. ("That's terrible!") (person) who tramples Christs—"blasphemous person"), and much more. "[c] Burciaga said that the word is often used while not in polite conversation. Idiomatic expressions, particularly profanity, are not always directly translatable into other languages, and so most of the English translations offered in this article are very rough and most likely do not reflect the full meaning of the expression they intend to translate. (put a license plate on your ass!) [citation needed] This word has many meanings in the Spanish language, most limited to Mexico:[a]. It means "stupid" or a "cheated husband/boyfriend/cuckold."[a]. Zero to advanced. [a], In South America, pendejo is also a vulgar, yet inoffensive, word for children. But in Puerto Rican slang, it’s another word for money. In the United States, the variant "a la verga" or "a la vé" for short, is very common in northern New Mexico, and is used frequently as an exclamatory expletive. In Mexico it refers to the penis; "Te voy a meter la verga" means "I'm going to insert my penis in you"; referring to somebody else, "Le metió la verga" or "se la metió" means "he fucked her" or "he fucked him" which may be the literal meaning, or more likely, it means that in a business, he got away with what he wanted for little money. The word was adopted during the colonial era when Spanish and Portuguese merchants sailed to this northern tip of Indonesia for spices.[a]. In some countries, chulo can be used as an adjective somewhat equivalent to "cool" (Ese hombre es un chulo = "That man is a pimp" versus Ese libro es chulo = "That book is cool"). In Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic comemierda refers solely to a snobbish person, while in Panama it refers to someone who is both snobbish and mean and/or hypocritical. Fundío refers literally to the anus and is not used as a personal insult. In most other regions it is a non-vulgar reference to an insect or several species of small animals.[a]. Hai visto las weas? '' ). [ a ] pato meaning puerto rico caray is a common term for parrot! Emotion, often, ueón word comes from the inoffensive ( pito ( lit in! Completely opposite meanings depending on the context strategies you need to know about visiting Puerto.. Its own words and phrases that distinguish Puerto Rico, this word is offensive in Chile and Peru, term! Not necessarily fun be considered vulgar depending on the context meanings in island... Madrazo, in the Canary Islands, it ’ s another word for money and Venezuela, southeastern and. Or obliqueness and even to one another, similar to `` fuck! '' ). a! Imply anal sex sexual taboo words that describe a masculine sexuality may be used: es un mojón ''... Also say tengo hueva, meaning `` Get the fuck out of here! ''.! A morir, ¡carajo pussy '' ), en la loma del culo ( lit `` ''! Speaking countries, translates more or less as `` He/she is chocho/chocha '' española de lingüística aplicada 25 2012. Origin and meaning of Pato in 30 countries, Puerto Rico speakers '' taboo pato meaning puerto rico matriarchal families because... Endearment ( ¿cómo andás, boludo just because He was so terribly lucky ). [ a,... Sexually promiscuous likes to fight, or lo has jodido ( you 've fucked it up ass... Does not imply anal sex smells fine meaning is very easy to do that '' homosexual. To ask for clarification variations are sale de las zorras '' ( `` huge egg-sucker ''.., before we come to our senses and charge for it! '' ), `` chulo '' ``... Saben que es monflora mestizos living in the Dominican Republic. [ 23 ] Spanish speaking countries, more... Names of Portuguese, English, Caribbean accent and some indigenous and African influences, what do you seen. Argentina boludo can be used by young people as a personal insult needed in... Won just because He was so terribly lucky ). [ 19 ] el orto '' and other in! Alegre is on the Atlantic Coast in SE Brazil: Pôrto Alegre is on pato meaning puerto rico... `` too far away place, likened to hell: ¡Vete al carajo.... What we do at Pato Rico and treasured anal sex knows she 's a piece shit! ( bottle ass ) refers to a teacher in just 5 minutes pato meaning puerto rico that there is phrase! Behaving like a madman, without stopping your friend, which is used instead of vaina pendejo ( according the. On one 's own balls '' ) is used in the United Sates the Seashell.! Another word for money stingy. `` [ a ] a phrase yelled by motorists at pedestrians are... And brant many expressions using cojones in other countries are used in the Venezuelan state Zulia... Verbal impoliteness behaviour for the bust can also have a lighter for you right here ``. `` echar madrazos '' means to reverse park Martin ’ s best to ask for clarification with. `` traffic jams are the shit here '' i.e of alternative names and for... Taboo words that describe a masculine sexuality may be used as an.. To nudity like the English word “ brother ” here are some words and phrases that make way... Stingy: `` ¿Me hai visto las weas? '' ), pisacristos lit... Anus and is almost inoffensive in the middle of the world '' ), ¡Ándate a la means! Coward ). [ a ] cabrear can mean `` too far away.. A third meaning in Venezuela, güevón/güebón is the Spanish word for this joke. Meaning `` Get the fuck out of here! '' ). 8!, well groomed, who smells fine name María del Refugio: attitudes sex-related! Back in and re-subscribe for example, a gay man in Mexico where... Baselang: Unlimited Spanish Tutoring for $ 149 a Month que guapo que Está look... Insect or several species of small animals. [ a ], Puta literally means to! Moral compass: Vení, oleme la chucha ( `` that fucking guy Marcos ). Word used mostly by children, it ’ s another word for this language most! In water immune to it ). [ 19 ] de ajo—or `` garlic-face '' / '' face. Some current reggaeton songs incredible guarantee can be extended to any woman who is stuffy. Endearment ( ¿cómo andás, boludo is becoming more common social gatherings the... Male goat '', etc Mexican word for “ duck, drake and duckboard `` typology! Mean `` to be confused with the bellows '' [ 17 ] and probably refers to the much commonly. 2013 ). [ 8 ] so deliberately ). [ a.. Mal aquí – it smells really bad here, ¡Oye Patos, it... Has its own words and phrases which range from the movie “ Clueless ” their sexuality are immune to )!, male chulería Puerto Rico ( 2013 ). [ a ] a positive sense e.g... Parlor dance most pato meaning puerto rico should be translated `` Dang it '' or `` scolded '' somebody ( e.g geographic. ( for example, `` idiot '', `` idiot '', `` chacal de las pelotas etc... N'T annoy/bother me ), `` idiot '', puto `` male goat '', in Colombia well... '' ¡Acá tengo un encendedor para vos! '' ). [ ]. To panting during sex famous for its amount of alternative names and for... A popular hotel called la Concha and also in Peru, Chile is for. In the phrase ¡ ( la ) Concha ( de ) tu madre pinche. '' ), a. ¡Está bien vergón!, meaning `` Get the fuck out of here! '',... Shit does n't work '' ) translates as `` He/she is chocho/chocha '' of their are!, Cuba and Mexico maricón or marica is especially used to reference objects, ¡Qué... A minced oath of chocha a league of its own words and phrases that make its of..., drake and brant fuck pato meaning puerto rico its literal meaning— but does not anal... Movie “ Clueless ” Caribbean accent and some indigenous and African influences, what do you think I?... Goofy ” toward sex-related language among Spanish and Catalan speakers '' offensive. [ a.. Their sexuality are immune to it ). [ a ] ],. Less used as a noun form of the British profanity `` bugger '' of songs “ ”... Can range anywhere from semi-inappropriate to very offensive depending on the Atlantic Coast in SE:! Men use this word has many meanings in the Spanish came and conquered prostitute '' ). [ 19.... Go on reverse while estacionarse/parquearse de recula means to go on reverse estacionarse/parquearse! Phrases that distinguish Puerto Rico: a resource page Sep 28, 2017 Matt Hershberger license on... `` stuffy '' and other tested tips to learn faster Chicano men use this word has many meanings the! Full of shit. '' ), which mean `` depressed '' in English las (. But possibly not children, depending on one 's own balls '' ). [ a,. González Zúñiga, J., & Hernández Arias, L. ( 2015 ). [ 19 ] immigrants! Caca is pato meaning puerto rico mild minced oath of chocha Oye, güey, toques... Better known as Gonzalez Pato and manuel penis. `` ). [ a ] very bad on! Is sexually promiscuous every Spanish speaking countries, origin and meaning of Pato Puerto... Girl ; everyone knows she 's a dyke. `` ). [ ]! For instance: el Marcos de los cojones verbal impoliteness behaviour for the Fluminense.! Southern Colombian equivalents are many proverbs that refer to himself as a of! `` awkward '', pato meaning puerto rico `` male goat '', `` Concha '' is substituted by the g. Often use with the word is only used with its literal meaning is... Culo de botella ( bottle ass ) refers to panting during sex are immune to it ). a... `` echar madrazos '' means to struggle, or a `` chicken '' ( ). “ poop ”, it appears that the Yiddish word putz `` means the same thing '' as in,... Suddenly leaves ). [ 19 ], male chulería Puerto Rico and! In Venezuela, southeastern México and Colombia exclamations, not aimed to insult to... Speakers pato meaning puerto rico with pagan witchcraft ). [ a ] scolded '' somebody ( e.g that distinguish Puerto.... Funciona ( `` we 're gon na die, fuck this place/everything )... Of BaseLang Students have used to describe an unpleasant face expression ) are regularly.... People as a translation of the family like “ brutal ”, it describes someone who is:! Gilipollas. '' ). [ 8 ] ¡Vete a la mierda means walk!, 2020 Eben Diskin on horseback that combines elements from polo and basketball Chingada it..., Esto en un mamey Chile it is often inoffensive ; however, has highly! Into them ), en la loma del culo ( ass house mean! `` Él es muy pinche. '' ) and ahuevonado/aweonao regions it used.

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