He called the electrician who worked on it. This morning it didn't boot and all I got was a battery symbol with a flashing plug icon in the middle. Sump pump and/or liner is too small or too big - The sump pump may just not be big enough to handle the job, so it runs continuously to keep up (see #1 above). Perhaps the problem is in the cable - check that too. Instead, plug a sump pump into a GFCI outlet, preferably one installed some height above the floor in case flooding ever does occur. 1. Hi all, Trying to change the oil today, and I cant budge the sump plug at all Ive got the right socket thingy, but I just cant make it move - although I am a bit worried that Top Answer. A sump pump is something that you rely on to make your home more comfortable and prevent long-term moisture damage to the structure and foundation. You have tried another appliance in the socket to confirm supply. Unlike the other screw, it doesn’t get to a point where it stops from being tightened. The plug is firmly inserted into the wall socket. It's just a little hum, like the vibration when something mechanical turns on, that starts and stops every 20 secords or so. A small sump pump is often just as effective as a big one. Pull the sump pump’s plug. See Answer. Sump pumps are not designed to run continuously so this was definitely a repair that needed immediate attention. Make sure that there is no debris in the charging port, or breaks in the wiring, etc. The other way is to apply heat on the oil drain plug. If you already have a sump pit Excessive water can arise from many different issues. How much does it cost to replace a sump pump? Money is very tight and Im lacking mechanical brains. My wife's 6.1 didn't charge last night. 0 1 2. Relevance. It was not shutting off after draining the pit. My oil plug is stripped and just keeps spinning in the oil pan. Ford Fiesta (2002 - 2008) - 03 1.6 sump plug 17 Aug 2008 (Forum) A friend has asked me to do an oil change on her Fiesta. The plug should come out with it. I once lived in a house where I could hear the water running into the sump hole during the wet spring months, and the pump would turn on every 5-10 minutes. After turning on twice the in the middle of the night in our bedroom, my wife had me remove it. There are a few handy tips and tricks that you can use to remove a bolt that keeps spinning. I couldn't get even a needle nose on the stem of mine. Plug in the new sump pump float switch. Sump Pump Keeps Running – Check Excessive Water Flow My house is recently built. When you buy a new sump pump, the cost of the pump is just one piece of the puzzle—you also need to install it. You say your sump pump is turning on and running about once per hour? Answer Save. I was hoping that every car using this engine would have the same size plug. 4. Professionals Can Provide Sump Pump … Not holding a charge. Won’t start without manually turning the flywheel. If this was a horror movie, I would have been the killer’s first victim. To get it out just screw in the screw (without the shelf). Welding a nut on will probably work fine, the heat generated by the welding will help free the sump plug, or just leave it in situ and buy a vacuum oil extractor oakdale 1,075 posts Take out a long handled socket wrench and try to twist the oil drain plug off. It is turned anti-clockwise to loosen. Can you helicoil a plug hole?Thanks in advance,Don I am so unhappy that this is not working. I cant get it out. If needed, how do I fix the threads in the head? My logs showed the same thing “Device/Physical” I had just assumed that the switch was going bad or there was some electrical surge that was causing it to turn on. NEVER EVER run the engine with the sump plug out unless your goal is to destroy the engine!!!! If i keep turning the screw head, it will just keep going around and around, as if it was loose. I’m a 46-year-old woman. Reset the Unit. I tried going to the volume mixer and dragging it down, but as I drag it down is just goes back up. Its not the furnance, and the plumbing checks out, so I am thinking it might be the sump pump. You have double checked to ensure the fire is switched on. To stop the plug turning put a match stick down the outside of the plug (after cutting off the match head)-- Alan news2006 {at} amac {dot} f2s {dot} com 2. Other Sump Pump Failures . mister ss. I tapped it with a hammer and then tried to undo it, nope, still stuck. Any Tips? They say almost all Vauxhalls use a M14-1.5. Pumping water from your basement is important to prevent flooding but it does no good if it causes a flood in your yard. If you can get the plug down almost all the way but still get a channel lock pliers on it, there is a built in "catch" that will hold it while you break the threads loose. Where is it going? Yep, a jammed impeller lets out a weird noise while your sump pump is working. If your sump pump is tripping the breaker, then it points to a problem due to faulty wiring or connections. If a sump pump is flooding the yard, then it can quickly turn into a muddy mess. Plug the pump back in! 9 months ago. Flashing plug icon upon charging. So does anyone know the thread size of a Croma sump plug? It has been raining quite a lot, too. flapping hell there are some stupid people here, sorry, but giving the steps remove sump plug, and then straight after, running engine, that's just stupid. I thought maybe its left hand thread, nope, still didnt budge. I just thought I'd add one more tidbit in case anyone else has this kind of plug. In the industry, we call this a short-cycling sump pump. Consider investing in a battery backup system that keeps the pump running during power outages. Asked by Wiki User. A longer socket wrench works the best because it provides you with a lot of extra torque. You'll just need to clean out the sump pump impeller to get rid of any grit or debris that's causing the jam - just make sure your sump pump is unplugged first. The other one appears like it solidly in (as holding the fixing to the wall) BUT it keeps spinning when you continue to screw it. I have about 12 of these switches through out the house and haven’t seen the behavior in any of the others. We did everything the book said and it still won’t work. Check the location of your sump pump discharge. Depending on the plug and the oil pan, you may need to drill the drain hole first to allow the self-tapping drain plug to fit and tap into the hole. When a sump pump is too big, the pump is forced to work harder, resulting in a shorter product lifespan. There’s lots of adjustment in the front seat and steering wheel so you can easily find a comfortable driving position and the seat has enough support to help prevent backache during long drives. I think it is my sump pump anyway... the noise is driving my crazy. It wouldnt budge. Once the screw thread just catches on the sides of the plug pull the screw out with a pair of pliers. If you have power in the house but the pump isn’t turning on, check for a tripped circuit or blown fuse. Basements don’t have a lot of plugs. And it was starting to smoke from overheating. That's not bad at all - especially during the spring. My sump pump keeps tripping GFI plug. Wiki User Answered . Snug the plug against the oil pan and wipe off any residual oil. What Tool Can I Use To Remove A Stripped Bolt? That's an easy sump pump repair to make. Try a Gator Grip. 2015-04-15 14:55:48. 8 Answers . One plug in my Rivieras 425 just keeps on turning - doesnt matter which way. Or perhaps it's just that their info is a load of Fumoto. Upon returning home i put the bucket under my car (92 VP 3.8L) and tried to undo the sump plug. Let the unit sit for a few minutes, plug it back in, and try to activate the mechanism. Others need a little fancy equipment that you might need to purchase from hardware stores. The basement is unfinished, first time it tripped basement filled up with 1 inch of water because I did not know it was tripped and for how long, now I peak downstairs every day. I freaked out and called my builder. The source of the noise was our submersible sump pump sucking air. I tried pulling it out with vice grips but the dam thing just keeps spinning in the socket. If your problem was a faulty cable, … You can do this using heat guns to get back its original shape once it cools down. However, the Multipla (including 1.9D) is a M22-1.5 and a Marea 1.9JTD is a M18-1.5. You know the small things matter a lot. 1 decade ago. Is the sump plug a hexagon head type or allen screw type where i need an hexagon key to undo it. Thanks in anticipation. If you don’t already have a sump pit in your basement, installation can be pricey. I assume the threads are messed up on either the head or plug or both. What is the problem with your Opti-myst fire? Clear stuck float valve: Dislodge it by tapping on top of your sump pump pit. Check for disconnected valves: If someone unplugs your pump and forgets to plug it back in, your unit won’t work. This process also breaks the rust bonds and makes the removal process easier . Ive never done Ford oil changes before. Expect to pay at least $2,500-5,000 to dig a new sump pit and install a pump if you’ve got a concrete basement floor. Turning the engine over without oil in it (even if it does not start) is asking for trouble. Lv 7. A gator grip has little teeth that will help you take off the drain plug from the oil pan. Just like other metal properties, the heat causes it to expand. Three questions: How do I get the plug out? I remember setting my headset down (Corsair H1500) coming back to is being very loud. Volume keeps going up automatically Hi, I've been having a problem with the volume mixer lately. Use a plastic tie or another durable rot-resistant tether to do this. Whenever I unplug my headset, plug it back in, then go in the volume mixer it works. I saturated it in RP7 and left it for 20mins, nope, still stuck. Some of these require a little effort and basic items that everyone already probably has. Chevy Aveo? Plug in the charger and ensure that the device is charging. Tether the sump pump float switch to a stationary object, like the sump pump itself, to ensure that the float switch will float upward and downward with the water levels. Favorite Answer. Since the oil is already drained, you may as well replace the filter and refill the engine with fresh oil to save yourself the trouble of changing the oil later. Any suggestions or thoughts? Or the pump is powerful enough but the sump pit may be too small, causing it to fill up too fast and triggering the sump pump to work overtime. Just like the car it replaces, the new VW Golf has plenty of space in the front for you to get comfortable if you’re rather tall. I just need to get the plug out and put in a self tapping 1. How do you get out a spark plug when it just keeps turning in the hole?